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UofP Matt Erikson by SkyeBlitz UofP Matt Erikson by SkyeBlitz

Name: Mathew “Matt” Erikson
Pokémon: Pikachu
Age: 21
Level: N/A
Gender: Male
Nature: Impish
Ability: Static
Occupation: part time Coffee House employee/ bartender on weekends
Move set:
Volt Tackle
Helping Hand
Double Slap
Iron Tail

Personality: Easy going, friendly, snarky, prankster, flexible, coffee addict.


Matt had a pretty average lifestyle up until about junior high. He lived with his parents, his twin sister, Jennifer and the pet goldfish. He played little league soccer while his sister did dance in elementary school and was afraid of the dark until he was about 10 years old.

When he was twelve, his parents divorced, his mother taking him and Jennifer from the rural countryside to the bustling city life. While Jennifer dove into the new culture of busy streets, shopping malls, flea markets and back ally parking lots, Matt chose to spend his time in the library and parks where it was quiet. He and his sister were not on speaking terms with their father who had created a career by writing pornographic novels about their mother after the divorce.

In high school he opened up a little and made some friends, joined the school’s barista team and developed a love for creating unique and tasty coffee blends. Due to the popularity of the coffee stand, he became very involved in school politics and shenanigans, such as fundraisers, all school assemblies and club activities. One such shenanigan involved the barista team vs. the school culinary arts program in a tasty menu creation. The Barista team lost due to the fact that they were simply out-manned. As the losers, they all had to bleach their hair and then dye them different colors of the rainbow. Matt thought he looked good with blue hair so he kept it up much to his mother’s dismay.

College is where Matt really began to grow as a person. He was accepted into The University of Goldenrod on a three year scholarship. The different atmosphere and culture of the campus slowly nurtured Matt into the person he is today. He discovered his sexuality, created a network of precious friends, his passion for books and coffee, harmless pranks and his desire to run and own a library café. He earned his bachelors, managed to scrape together a minor and after graduation, moved back home.

Matt and Jennifer reconnected with their father although there is little to no interaction between him and his new family. Matt still hasn't forgiven his father for the novels and has made it a personal mission to destroy every copy of the book he comes across. His record is currently 28/250. He has earned a degree in English Literature with a minor in culinary arts but would like to obtain a business degree as well (hence studying at UofP) Once he has his diploma in hand, he’s off to begin funding his dream.

Through a string of pure luck, coincidence and one rather harsh breakup, Matt found himself working at a coffee themed café on UofP's campus and working in a popular gay bar downtown where he bartends every weekend.  Currently he’s living in an apartment until he gets his dorm assignment.

Likes: coffee, hanging out with friends, books, cuddling, tomatoes.
Dislikes: mornings without coffee, people who mess up his bookshelves, the school nurse (she terrifies him)
Hobbies: reading, hanging out in coffee lounges, games (video, tabletop, bedroom, brainteasers, all of em ), tomato growing, cooking
Aspirations: Matt wants to open his own cafe that's complete with a comfortable lounge, smallish library, free wifi and tasty treats.

- Is Bi but swings more towards males than females generally
- Can brew a mean cup of joe
- He can't swim very well. He panics if his ears get wet.
- Stands at 5'1" in his bare feet.


Author Edit
Somebody pointed out that he looks tall in his profile. I shrank him down so that he looks like his legit height.

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November 30, 2013
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